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Kyle_Stevens | Comedy, Hip-hop, Celtic, Folk
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United States of America
United States of America
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Music to me is a conversation between humans that can span generations and echo through time! Like any conversation, if you refuse to listen to all points of view, you will never achieve a full comprehension. I am a fan, and draw influence from any and every type of music, there are great artist in EVERY genre, and each type of music has a time, task, place, or activity that it is perfect for!
Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo(little), Mandolin(little), and a kazoo if you ask for the Wal-Mart Song!
Had a garage band in high school called 'Crazy' (we thought we were), then didn't get much playing time as life took over, until a few years ago, a high school friend and I started a classic country band 'The Hillside Hooligans' 06-09 (we really were crazy)! I have been a finalist in the Vermont Singer-Songwriter contest in 2010, and placed in 3rd in 'The Vermont Man In Black Contest' 2012!
I currently do my 'Happiest Hour' rowdy bar set every Sunday from 7-8 at Franny O's in South Burlington
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I've never really done much street busking, a few times at festival, or concert parking lots, I was a campfire player mostly, until I formed a band, and started hosting local Open-mics a few years back.
I have played in enough rough rowdy bars to know this; When a fight breaks out, DON'T STOP, pick up the tempo and PLAY FASTER!!

Embarrassing Moment

I broke a string at my first ever paying gig, and did not have a replacement in my case! I kept the 30 people who came to see my debut waiting for a half hour, as I ran home to get the extra set that should have been in my guitar case!! Now I can never leave the house for a gig without checking, and double checking my gear!

My Instrument

I have a name for each of the instruments I perform with! I have a superstition about playing a nameless guitar in public!! I have to come up with an adequate name before performing with a new guitar!! You will see me playing Smokey (Blue Acoustic), Fanny (Hoffman handmade electric), and Clarence (Banjo) most of the time, but there is also Ruth (hollow body), Baby Ruth (Mandolin), Trigger (slide guitar), and June (Montage)! I have 2 other guitars I simply call my camp guitar, and my nylon guitar because they have never graced a stage!

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