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Hello, I am a Christian singer, and more recently a songwriter. My goal here is not just to entertain, but to offer a musical safe haven. My story, behind the lyrics, is one that has led me to those that have been affected by domestic violence. I am a survivor myself. I am here to educate, empower, and encourage those that are trapped in this life, or those that have escaped and trying to survive.

I have sung since I was a young child. While growing up in Phoenix, AZ, I was involved in various forms of the Arts, which included theatre, choir and dance. When attending Bible College in Fairfax, VA, I received formal voice and piano training. My studies also focused on overseas missions and church music. I minister in Spanish and French as well.

My music style is dominantly Adult Inspirational Christian music. I have recently started singing other styles too like blues, jazz, and country. I play keyboards and just started playing the guitar. Thanks for stopping by and listening!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I've never done any busking before myself, but I have supported those that I see doing it.

One lady was outside a restaurant we ate at on Valentine's Day. She was singing love songs in the parking lot. She had he sweet dog with her, and we went over to say how much we appreciated her songs, and gave her $5.

Another lady was outside the library playing Strauss songs on the violin. She was new to town, and trying to get enough money to pay for her hotel bill for the day. She had a cold and was out of Kleenex. I was out of cash, but I went to the car and brought back some tissues for her.

Embarrassing Moment

I've had plenty of them, but I cover them up pretty good.

I was singing a duet with a friend in church. It was a song we knew, and had sung together before. Well, for one reason or another, I thought she was going to bring the lyrics. She thought I was going to bring the lyrics. I had the song memorized, so I didn't think anything of it. We got called up on to the stage to sing, and she gave me this look of horror, and mouths the words,"where is the music?" The director was sitting behind us and figured out what was going on, and whispered to us to let God work in us. I sang my lines first, and then, I kid you not, my friend made up words to the song on the fly! I was impressed. We finished the song just fine, and went to get our seats. I thought she was going to kill me haha. She was a real gracious lady, but I knew in the future to make sure I brought the lyrics for her.

My Instrument

My primary instrument is my voice. I took violin in grade school and quit because I was terrible. I took piano in college with my vocal study for many years. I play hymns and fake book tunes the best, but I would not call myself a concert pianist, so my piano is not named. I just got a guitar when I turned 40. I have not named it yet! I would be up for suggestions!